Parenting Plans

When you are married, no one outside the family dictates how you spend your time with your children. However, one of the outcomes of divorce is that the children’s time outside of school will need to be divided between two households. In Florida, this parenting plan is now a legal document that is required prior to the finalized divorce.

The parenting plan spells out the time that you spend with your children including overnight visits, holidays, vacations, and special events.

Making these decisions is not always easy. Sometimes, unresolved feelings of disappointment, anger, or fear may slow down the creation of the plan. In addition, it is often hard to anticipate what will be best for your children as they get older and their needs change.

At the Center for Marital and Family Transition, we have the expertise in negotiation, communication, family dynamics, and child development to help you create a comprehensive parenting plan, which addresses the age-appropriate needs of your children.

Thoughtful attention will be paid to develop a parenting plan that will best suit your family, easing the transition from parents living together to adults co-parenting successfully.