The Benefit of Marriage Counseling

Counseling should be the first transitional step in every troubled marriage. Why? Because, at one point, even if it was for a short period of time, your relationship worked enough for you to get married. But, children, in-laws, careers, finances, and household responsibilities complicate life.

It is rare for one spouse to intentionally wound the other; it is more common for people to simply stop being good to one another. Working with a therapist to express your feelings and desires in a safe, neutral environment will help you improve your ability to understand each other. Light will be shed on the situations that are causing pain and harm. Together, the therapist and clients will co-create more effective ways of interacting when dealing with the stressors of life. Many times, short-term marital therapy is all that is needed to improve a couple’s relationship.

All the couples we have worked with have left therapy with an increased understanding of their relationship and themselves. This knowledge helps them as they move forward as individuals and