Co-Parenting Facilitation

Sometimes, the most well-intentioned parents can have a difficult time co-parenting with ex-spouses due to different opinions and parenting styles. The frustrations that led to your divorce can continue, or even grow, due to the ongoing need to interact with your ex. Having a neutral, trained therapist whose entire objective is to help you both understand and work through the difficult and challenging issues will vastly improve the quality of your children’s lives.

A co-parenting facilitator helps reframe your needs and express them to your ex-spouse in a way that can be fully heard. Using therapeutic and mediation skills, a co-parenting facilitator will work with you to reduce conflict and arrive at mutually agreeable solutions.

Co-parenting facilitation is voluntary and for anyone who might need a helping hand through the divorce and beyond. The facilitator’s interaction in your life can be as minimal or as intensive as you need to ease your transition and help you develop the most proactive and positive co-parenting relationship possible.