Co-Parenting Philosophy

It is not always easy to communicate after divorce. Chances are, you have been forced to make extremely important, life-altering decisions at a time when you were at your weakest. You may be emotional and reactive. One of you may have been ready to move on while another was still saddened about the marriage ending. Even speaking about simple and logistical child-related issues can be painful.

If you share children, your relationship will not end after the divorce papers are signed.

Even parents who at one time saw eye to eye in regard to parenting styles may have difficulty expressing their needs and concerns to each other. In these cases, it is often not what is said; but rather how it is said or who said it. It may even be worse if you and your ex-spouse have always had different parenting philosophies; now, you may feel powerless, undermined, or ignored.

We know that regardless of how difficult the marriage and/or the divorce proceedings, it is possible to create a manageable, positive co-parenting relationship. But, it is not easy to do it without support.

A co-parenting facilitator works with parents separately and/or together to help both of you get past the feelings of anger, hurt, and loss to be the best parent for your children.